Amazon files objection to Luxembourg privacy fine

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Web retailer Amazon has lodged an objection to the fine of 746 million euros it received earlier this year from a Luxembourg regulator. Supervisor CNPD imposed the fine for violations of the European GDPR privacy directive.

Amazon has filed the appeal with the Tribunal Administratif, the body that hears appeals against decisions by regulators, Bloomberg reported. The notification of the appeal is not a surprise, because Amazon had already said shortly after it was imposed that it would contest the fine.

The CNPD imposed the fine of 746 million euros after its own investigation, following a complaint from the digital civil rights organization La Quadrature du Net. That organization submitted the complaints to the Luxembourg data protection authority in 2018. Amazon’s European headquarters are located in Luxembourg.

In addition to the fine, Amazon must also make undisclosed changes to stop breaking the GDPR rules. What those are, the CNPD does not say, because publishing the decision goes against Luxembourg law. It is unknown when the appeal will be filed.