Amazon announces Blink Mini security camera for 40 euros

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Amazon will start selling the Blink Mini, a compact indoor security camera, in May. The camera can store images locally with a Blink Sync Module 2, which will be available at a later date. Online storage requires a subscription.

The Blink Mini is an indoor security camera that measures 50x49x36mm and weighs 48 grams. The camera offers streaming and recording at 1080p resolution at up to 30fps. Infrared support is available at night. The camera is powered via a micro USB cable and supports 2.4GHz WiFi based on the 802.11n protocol.

The Blink Mini offers motion detection so that the accompanying Blink Home Monitor app can alert users. There is also support for two-way audio to communicate via speech in addition to the live view. A blue LED indicates whether the camera is active.

Amazon sells the Blink Mini separately for 40 euros or as a bundle with two copies for 75 euros. Online storage requires a Blink subscription. The cheapest subscription costs 3 euros per month or 30 euros per year. If you want to save images locally, you have to wait until the Blink Sync Module 2 becomes available. This costs an additional 40 euros and will come ‘later this year’.

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