Amazon “ accidentally ” banned TikTok on employee mobile devices

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Amazon sent an email to its employees on Friday prohibiting the installation of the app on mobile devices that access Amazon email addresses. This is due to ‘security risks’. Shortly after, it announced that the email should not have been sent.

The email further stated that it was still allowed to use TikTok on laptops owned by Amazon. The e-mail was immediately widely shared on Twitter, among others. Later, without further explanation, Amazon informed The Verge , among others , that the email was “accidentally” sent and that “there are currently no policy changes related to TikTok.”

TikTok owner ByteDance said in a comment that it “ respects user privacy ” and does not understand Amazon’s concerns. As far as ByteDance is concerned, a dialogue between the two parties is welcome. ByteDance is a Chinese company.

Meanwhile, there is another company that apparently pulls this tractor permanently; The Information writes that US bank Wells Fargo has urged its employees to stop using TikTok. At the national level , the US government said last week that it is reviewing TikTok’s ban, but that has not yet taken off.

Last month it appeared that TikTok on iOS regularly reads the contents of the clipboard. According to ByteDance, that is an anti-spam measure. The developer has promised to stop.

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