Almost all Chinese Teslas must be updated to improve braking system

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Tesla has to issue an over-the-air update for 1.1 million vehicles in China because it is not possible to set the intensity of the energy-saving, regenerative braking system. The update applies to almost all Teslas sold in China.

The “recall” applies to Model 3 and Model Y cars made in China between 2019 and 2023, plus some imported Model 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles. Tesla only entered the Chinese market in 2020, so almost all Tesla cars in that country have this problem. The Chinese market regulator stilt that it should be possible to adjust the intensity of the regenerative braking system, and that a warning should appear if the driver presses the accelerator pedal for a long time. The market regulator states that the lack of this could lead to accidents and therefore constitutes a safety risk.

Bloomberg writes that in recent years Chinese Tesla drivers have repeatedly pointed out that the braking system is not working properly. In 2021, during a car show in Shanghai, there was a Model 3 user who drew attention to this. She claimed that her father was involved in a serious accident due to a problem with the brakes. Another accident in 2022 would also have been due to the braking system. Both times, Tesla denied that the incidents were caused by a car malfunction.

A Tesla Model 3

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