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AI can restore blurry photos

Researchers have managed to bring back a photo in which a face has been bleached away to the original. By using artificial intelligence, faces that were supposed to be vague could still be revealed.

Blurring tools

On the one hand, that is good news, because it can mean that blurry photos that were meant to be sharp can be adjusted to the sharpness that you actually want. However, it also means that state-of-the-art blurring tools can no longer cope with the power of artificial intelligence. So if someone has been deliberately purged from a photo because, for example, this is a victim of the crime, then it can still be made visible, with all its consequences.

Scientists came across this when they were working on a solution to sharpen vague photos. Employees of the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence in the United Arab Emirates, the Beijing Institute of Technology and Stony Brook University have accomplished this by adding gradation in photos. It is often due to a movement between the camera and an object that the foreground of the photo and the background of the photo both decrease in sharpness in different ways.

Artificial Intelligence

Based on this science, a model has been created that treats those blurred images in the foreground and background separately. That model was then trained with sharp and blurry photos. These went through a model capable of recognizing people in a photo, and then a machine with an Nvidia Titan X graphics card was used to train the researchers’ final ‘model’ with just under 11,000 photos.

“By using various deblurring options, our model can reconstruct an image. The model is aware of people and can outdo it on its own. It is precisely by separating backgrounds and people from each other that our model is able to properly recognize the different movement patterns and therefore to better outdo it. ”Thus, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to make things better. For example, smartphone company Xiaomi has made a model in which colors are improved in photos that have turned out to be very matt.

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