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Adjust the color of the glass in your house with your voice

It has existed for a moment, glass that can change color on the basis of light. There are special glasses that adapt to the lighting. These glasses become darker as the light in the environment becomes brighter, for example when the sun is shining.

A Minnesota company released SageGlass in 2015. Now users can control this dynamic glass itself with Amazon Echo, a speaker with speech recognition and control, with Alexa as a built-in digital assistant. This means that you can check a window with your voice.

Dynamic windows

The glass can take different shades in various sizes and shapes. Besides that you can determine which size of the glass is discolored, it is now possible to get non-colored shapes to shine unique light rays in the house.
You can also determine where you want more or less daylight in space. For example, a triangular part of the window can be left un-tinted, so that the light rays only fall around it. Even if the glass darkens, you can just look outside.

Voice controlled glass

Previously you could use an app to control the shades of the glass and choose preset shapes. Now the glass is integrated with Amazon Echo. With one command with your voice you can determine the amount of sunlight in the room. “Alexa, ask SageGlass to make the light less bright” or “Alexa, ask SageGlass for sunlight” and the glass adjusts immediately. SageGlass is also used in hospitals, offices, schools and even in cultural buildings. But they will not use the application with Amazon Echo that fast.

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