Acer announces overclockable Predator laptop with GTX 980

Acer has updated its Predator series for gamers. Among other things, the company will release a 17.3 “laptop with 4k screen and GTX 980 and a desktop system with a striking 16 liter housing. In addition, there will be a curved monitor with G-Sync support.

The 17.3″ laptop ‘Predator 17 X’ will be available in versions with resolutions of 1920×1080 and 3840×2160 pixels. The processor is the Core i7-6820HK and Acer offers the option of overclocking it from 3.6GHz to a maximum of 4GHz. You can also adjust the clock speeds of the GeForce GTX 980: up to 1.31GHz for the core clock and 3.7GHz for the GDDR 5. The GTX 980 has the desktop GPU that Nvidia makes available to laptop manufacturers in an MXM module.

The laptop contains three fans to keep the system at temperature and cold air is drawn in through an inlet on the front, while a vapor chamber in the housing ensures the distribution of heat. Acer equips the laptop with up to three pci-e-ssds with nvme support that are put in raid0. The network card is a Killer Double Shot Pro. The starting price of the Predator 17 X is 2699 euros when the laptop becomes available in July.

By then, the Predator G1 desktops should also be in stores. These are gaming desktops in a 16 liter case that Acer says is “portable” and could be taken under one arm to lan parties. The G1 supports GeForce cards up to the Titan X and Acer supplies them with Skylake processors and up to 64GB DDR4. Furthermore, HDD storage up to 4TB and SSD storage of up to 512GB are available and Acer also reports the presence of a USB 3.1-c port of the second generation. Optionally, Acer supplies the desktop with accessories such as a mechanical keyboard and a rolling case. The PC should be released in June for 1799 euros.

Finally, the Predator Z1 is a line of monitors with a curved screen. Acer supplies them with 31.5″, 30″ and 27″ screen diagonals and all three include Nvidia G-Sync support to avoid stuttering and flickering of the image. The 30″ Predator is a 21:9 model with resolution of 2560×1080 pixels and gray-to-gray response time of 4ms. Acer has not yet announced the details of the other monitors, but they will come in June, for a starting price of 599 euros.