‘A third of PCs sold have separate graphics cards’

A third of the PCs sold in the past quarter have a separate graphics card, instead of an embedded GPU. This is according to research by Jon Peddie Research. AMD also sold fewer graphics cards; Intel and Nvidia on the contrary.

Graphics card shipments increased 1.5 percent from a quarter earlier, but fell 2.4 percent from a year ago. In absolute terms, this is a decrease of 1.6 million graphics cards compared to a year earlier. The share of standalone graphics cards came in at 34 percent, which means that 66 percent has an embedded GPU, according to figures from Jon Peddie Research.

With 65.1 percent, Intel has by far the largest market share in the market for video cards, both embedded and separate. That’s an increase from a quarter earlier, when that company had a share of 62.9 percent. Because Intel only makes embedded GPUs, this means that Intel controls almost the entire embedded market: 66 percent of the GPUs sold are embedded GPUs and Intel has a market share of 65.1 percent.

AMD’s market share, which has been in trouble for a while, fell from 20.7 percent a quarter ago to 18.3 today. Nvidia’s share rose slightly from 16.3 to 16.6 percent. Of all processors that Intel sells that do not end up in a server, 99 percent have integrated graphics on board; at AMD that is 67 percent.