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A navigation app … for the supermarket?

No more minutes searching for a product, or wandering between the shelves looking for cotton swabs? In an affiliate of supermarket chain Albert Heijn an app is being tested that shows customers the way in the supermarket. The navigation app has been developed in collaboration with Philips. Currently the app is being tested in Hoofddorp.

Navigation app Albert Heijn

In the app users can enter a shopping list. Based on this, the app makes a route through the store. The shop is schematically reconstructed on the plan.

The aim of the test is mainly to find out if there is a need for such an app and how accurate indoor navigation is. Customers can test the app for a number of months. They can do their shopping more efficiently and do not have to find an employee and ask where a product is in the store. The location in the store is determined on the basis of visible light communication, a technique from Philips using LEDs. The location can also be retrieved with bluetooth beacons.

Walking routes

The advantage of a navigation app in the supermarket is not only faster finding of messages. For the supermarket itself, the app is also a useful way to gain insight into the walking routes and search behavior of people in the supermarket. This information can then be used again for targeted offers and smarter purchasing.

Do you already see yourself going through the supermarket with a navigation app? It can certainly be useful, but you know your own supermarket right away? And if you still can not find the cotton swabs, there are dozens of box fillers around who would like to show you the way. Then they also have to do something different than replenish the stocks.

A similar app was previously tested at supermarket chain Walgreen.

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