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7 times cucumber news from the top shelf

Heart summer in the Netherlands. Temperatures are rising and people are taking their suitcases en masse to travel to even better weather. Here in the Netherlands there is also plenty to do, especially if you follow the news. It’s cucumber time again! Newspaper and website editorials search for news, but do not find it. Then post semi-news items that do not notice a dog during the rest of the year. Speaking of cucumber news: Here are some news items with a news value that you say to you.

1. Swiss Sense longer open

Bedding Swiss Sense is not the worst. They want visitors to keep their cool during their search for the perfect sleeping comfort. Not until eight, not until nine, but until ten o’clock they are open! Do not enjoy a sultry summer evening on the terrace, but walk between mattresses and box springs, party!

2. 91 percent of Dutch people dream of sabbatical

Do people who fall under the other nine percent want to be heard? We are very curious. Or did you accidentally press a wrong button during the investigation? Can happen!

3. Nice agent shaves homeless for application

Very nice, that agent in Florida. Would there be a follow-up article with the headline: ‘Homeless thanks nice agent for his help?’ We are waiting in suspense.

4. Plums three millimeters too small due to the drought

Some plum growers in the Netherlands have a hard time. Just because supermarkets do not want to sell them. You know what? Then we just get them from the growers themselves! They are good to prune.

5. Salmon and eels too often hit their head against a dam

Would these fish now all swim around with a lump? According to the WWF, a fish in European rivers has every kilometer of opportunity to hit its head against a wall. Those poor fish.

6. More and more delays on the track

According to LocalFocus, there were 250 delays in the past six months than in the same period last year. This amounts to more than 20 delays extra per month, so five extra per week. Almost the same, no news, but daily costs for many travelers.

7. Justin Bieber seeks refreshment in the fountain

Not Justin himself, no, the wax statue of him from Madame Tussauds. In a fountain on the Leidseplein. He just stands there, just because wax images are also hot during the heat wave.

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