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6 reasons why you should do SEO

With all the updates that Google and other large Internet companies are implementing, it is hard to imagine that online marketers are not constantly working on SEO. By this I mean not only optimizing content, but also optimizing the overall user experience of your website. Do you still doubt the added value of SEO? Check out these 6 reasons why you should start using SEO seriously today!

1.For visitors to your website

A mistake that many marketers still make is to only see SEO as a method to optimize your site for search engines. That while SEO also improves the website experience for people.

It is not (anymore) that the optimization of your site for Google and for people bite each other. This was often the case 20 years ago. Back then search engines were not as smart as now. Search engines, for example, did not yet see that people who were looking for a ‘holiday in Ibiza’ had the same search intent as people who were looking for ‘Ibiza holidays’. And so SEO texts were written full of literal keyword combinations and keyword variations that were almost illegible to people. That worked fine for the ranking of your site or page, but annoyed users immensely.

Nowadays, search engine optimization and optimization of the user experience of your site go hand in hand. Search engines are getting better and smarter, which makes it easier for them to answer people’s searches. It is even Google’s mission to make all information on the world universally accessible and usable to people.

People need a clear answer to their question. Google would like to offer it to them and will therefore do everything possible to find this answer.

It is important that your site is fully optimized so that Google can crawl it. Consider, for example, a clear meta description on each page and clear alt tags for images. Otherwise, Google can not determine if your page answers the user’s question. So SEO is very important for your website visitors!

Do you offer the answer to the questions of your potential customers and is your site technically optimized?

2.For search engines like Google

Let me just kick in this open door: you also do SEO for search engines. It is even part of the name: Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization.

I do not have to explain the importance of search engines to anyone anymore. Typing in a search engine in a search engine is by far the most used online navigation method in the Netherlands.

More than 80% of the Dutch find their way on the internet by means of search engines.

Usually we navigate through a specific search engine, namely Google. Depending on the device, 89% to 99% of Dutch internet users use Google as a search engine .

If Google can not find your website or can not crawl properly, you will miss out on a lot of potential visitors. With SEO you can ensure that your website is well found by Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing .

3. To increase your traffic

When you are easily found in Google and other search engines, chances are that the visit to your website will increase. Everyone knows how important it is to stand between the search results on the first page of Google. With the limited amount of search results that you see on the relatively small screen of your smartphone, the position on this page is just as important.

The more people you can easily find, the more visitors you usually receive on your website. And more visitors obviously means more potential customers!

Traffic also works the other way around: websites that receive a lot of traffic are seen by Google as more relevant. This contributes to the authority of your website or page and authority is an important ranking factor. Traffic is therefore very important for both your company and Google!

4.For sales

The ultimate goal of SEO for commercial parties is, of course, to increase sales. This can be done immediately by selling items in a webshop.

This is also possible indirectly when visitors to your website change to leads. For example because visitors sign up for a newsletter, leave their data for downloading a whitepaper or make direct contact.

By means of SEO you can organize your website in such a way that visitors can make a conversion as easily as possible. After all, a user-friendly website with a good flow is crucial for sales.

5. To keep your site up-to-date

SEO still has a bit of a bad taste among some. They see SEO as a box of tricks to guide search engines. The statement ‘SEO is dead’ was created under this group.

The time of link bombing and keywordstufing is, however, a long time past. These kinds of ‘tricks’ damage your website in 2018 more than they do well.

One thing is certain: the internet will always keep changing. This ensures that you always have to stay sharp if you want to end up in Google search results. For this reason there will always be a need for search engine marketing.

By means of SEO you keep your website up-to-date. You do this by constantly optimizing and updating the content on your website and the technology behind your website. Only in this way will you keep your website attractive both for search engines and visitors in the future.

6. To stay ahead of your competitors

You can stay ahead of your competitors through SEO. Analyzing and monitoring the keywords of your competitors is a good method for this.

You can not only keep an eye on which keywords rank rivals and how they do it, but also see where there are still opportunities. For which relevant keywords do they not yet rank or what are important keywords that your site does not yet rank for, but your competitors do?

Do you want to stay ahead of your competitors? Then you better ensure that you set up a good SEO strategy.

Why you still have to start working with SEO

There are of course plenty of reasons to start working with SEO. This way you can increase your name recognition with SEO, for example. In addition, SEO efforts are measurable, allowing you to monitor the results and adjust them where necessary.

Accept that through all updates and changes you will have to continuously adjust your SEO strategy. The advantage of this is that you can never start ‘SEO’ too late. Do not let anyone tell you that you missed that boat.

If SEO within your organization is still in its infancy, this is the time to get serious about it. This Chinese proverb is actually perfectly applicable to SEO:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best moment is today

– Chinese proverb

So come on with that topper of an SEO strategy! And with a good SEO strategy, I do not mean that you are building a good website and filling it with good content based on a one-off keyword research. If only it was that simple.

SEO is a continuous process and results in a website that always:

  • Technically perfect
  • Safe is
  • A brilliant user experience offers
  • High-quality content offers.

Only if you keep working on these points all the time, are you sure you’re doing everything to stay one step ahead of your competition. So it is!


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