5x changes to the MacBook Pro 2021 design

Not only is it faster than ever, it also looks very different from its predecessor: this is what’s new about the MacBook Pro 2021 design.

1. Flatter (and thicker) edges

To make room for a whole collection of connections, the edges of the MacBook Pro 2021 have become a lot flatter and thicker. On the previous model, the bezels were very thin, and the bottom was convex to slightly hide the MacBook’s thickness. With the current model, the thickness is embraced, and some millimeters have even been added to the 16-inch version.

2. Thinner screen edges & notch

The screen edges of the MacBook Pro 2021 are up to 60% thinner. As a result, Apple had to process the camera module for the FaceTime camera in a so-called notch. A similar notch in the screen is already on the iPhone X and newer. To make the notch as unobtrusive as possible, the macOS menu bar is now as thick as the notch and the space next to the notch is blacked out in full-screen apps.

3. Other format

Although the 16-inch model has hardly changed in size, the smaller model is a bit larger than before. It’s about 9mm wider and 9mm deeper, and now has a screen diagonal of 14.2 inches. This was 13.3 inches with the previous model. The aspect ratio has also changed slightly: it was about 16:10, and is now almost 3:2.

4. New Magic Keyboard

The keyboard of the MacBook Pro 2021 looks very different from that of its predecessor. The Touch Bar has been replaced by old-fashioned function keys that are now the same size as the regular keys. The space between the keys is now made of black metal. The Touch ID button also has a circular sensor.

5. Space for cooling in the MacBook Pro 2021 design

In order to properly cool the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, the design of the bottom of the MacBook Pro 2021 has been significantly adjusted. You will now find large slots on both sides for the air intake of the two built-in fans. The new model also has legs that are partially made of aluminum for the first time, and are a lot higher. This gives more space to suck in air, and the aluminum bottom can dissipate its heat better.