5 Most Common Mobile Programming Languages

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There is an increasing demand for software developers and computer scientists worldwide as new technologies continue to evolve. Moreover, there is increased competition in the field as many people have been entering.

If you want to be in the field of Computer Science, you need to have a robust understanding of programming languages. If you’re a master in your career, have just started, or have decided to change your career, learning a new programming language will always help.

When deciding which language to learn, you must consider factors, such as the difficulty level of the language, how popular that language is in your industry, as well as the average salary you may get because of it.

With the factors mentioned above in consideration, the five most common mobile programming languages are here.


JavaScript is one of the most common mobile and web development programming languages. JavaScript has become more popular with frameworks including Angular, jQuery, Svelte, React.js, and Vue. Since the web is a significant avenue for a software developer, getting yourself familiar with it is wise.

Another reason to learn JavaScript is that it is the most popular language considered for client-side validation.

The best part about learning JavaScript is that you can do full-stack development with it—backend server, front-end graphical user interface, as well as various mobile applications using JavaScript.

You should also know that through JavaScript’s framework React Native, you can create cross-platform applications for iOS and Android mobile.

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Java is another prevalent programming language for mobile development. It has been here for a long period of time and is still in demand. Java is commonly used for application development, web development, as well as big data.

If you learn Java, there are various benefits that you can avail yourself of in terms of app development. Not only will you be able to develop Android applications through Java, but you will learn full-stack development as well.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that most organizations expect employees to know Java, especially in the case of mobile development.


If you’re more into developing iPad and iPhone apps, consider learning Swift.

When it comes to why you need to learn Swift, it is the preferred programming language for iOS. Moreover, it has replaced Objective-C, which was previously the preferred language for iOS, and is a little similar to Python.

Advantages of Swift

Here are a few advantages of learning Swift.

  • Swift contains an excellent IDE, known as Xcode. It is self-contained and is hassle-free if you include libraries.
  • Swift is an easy-to-understand language. Therefore, it is easy to read and catch errors at compiling.
  • Swift can also be used for Server work.

While diving into teach Swift, one thing you must consider is that it’s relatively difficult to land a junior-level job in Swift. This is where JavaScript and Java will help you out. However, Swift learners are still paid well.


Are you thinking about making a career in Android app development? Then, Kotlin is a great programming language to learn. In fact, it is the next big thing to take place in Android’s world.

Kotlin has native support—Various IDEs, such as Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA, support Kotlin in Android development.

Several Advantages of Kotlin

Here are a few advantages that you can get with learning Kotlin.

  • Kotlin has modern features with concise and clear language.
  • It allows its users to perform functional programming with the use of lambdas.
  • It is type-safe.
  • It has good community support.
  • It has good tooling support.
  • It has checked exceptions.

The best thing about Kotlin is that it is the official application development language for Android, and Google keeps promoting it. However, people keep touting Kotlin to be the next Java, but it is not yet reached.


Dart is an open-sourced general-purpose and object-oriented programming language. Google created Dart in 2011 and incorporated ’C’ style syntax into it. As a result, the language can be utilized for both server-side and client-side web development. The language is also used for cross-platform and Native mobile development.

One of the reasons you should think of learning Dart is Flutter. Flutter makes cross-platform apps easy to develop. So, if Flutter is on your bucket list, consider learning Dart.

Advantages of Learning Dart

Here are a few advantages of learning Dart.

  • It is reasonably easy to understand and learn.
  • You can share the code across mobile and web apps.
  • It has a helpful and friendly community.

A Final Word

These were the most common mobile development programming languages that you can learn to kick-start your career. The list involved JavaScript, Java, Swift, Kotlin, and Dart with their descriptions, advantages, and difficulty levels.

Even though all of these languages are important, JavaScript and Java are mainstream and are used for developing full-stack. Therefore, by learning these languages and mastering full-stack development, you can demand a high salary in your field and be a highly sought-after developer.

We hope that this article increased your knowledge regarding the most common mobile programming languages and that you will use this guide for your greatest benefit.

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