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172 million poorly protected passwords have been leaked at game maker Zynga

More than 170 million usernames and passwords of game developer Zynga have been captured in a hack. The creator of Words With Friends and Farmville was hacked in September this year. Now it appears that millions of accounts have been captured.

This concerns exactly 172,869,660 unique accounts, according to data published by Have I Been Pwned . This mainly concerns usernames and passwords. In some cases, telephone numbers and linked Facebook identities have also been leaked, provided that users had given them to Zynga. The data comes from a hack on the popular Words With Friends. The passwords that have been stolen have been hashed and have a salt, but the encryption is an SHA-1 algorithm that has not been very secure for years. In addition, plaintext passwords may have been stolen from seven million users due to a hack on an older game called OMGpop.

There had been a suspicion that Zynga had been hacked for some time. In September Hacker News spoke with a hacker named Gnosticplayers. He said to have hacked Zynga and to have taken 218 million records . Zynga confirmed that in September, although it was not yet known how many records were involved. The actual number is now lower than the hacker initially claimed, but that may be explained by the fact that Have I Been Pwned was unable to verify all records. The hack on Zynga is still very large with 172 million users: in the Have I Been Pwned database it is the tenth-largest data breach ever.

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